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Bonus Content II

Due to high demand (1.5 people), I bring you a difficulty level fit for an Elder God. For Scenario 16, the Demi-Gods variant is in the first Bonus Content. These rules are added to or override general scenario rules and specific rules. Read, play, sweat blood, and conquer the cosmos, if you can.


General Rules Revisions:

Only two investigators may carry over items or trophies between scenarios. If you are defeated by a scenario, you may restart it with two investigators beginning with an extra random common item during the beginning of the game. But should you?

Sister Mary: she automatically fails her personal story when the Doom Track reaches four. If she passes it, it only allows her to reroll dice for herself. If she is devoured before the doom track is at 6, you lose.

Scenario Revisions:

Scenario 1: Investigators who take stamina damage from any vampire are devoured at the end of the mythos phase. When the Doom Track reaches five, place a random vampire from the monster cup on each open gate.

Scenario 2: Undead monsters are treated as spawn, but can be in the cup and return to the cup if defeated. If placed in the Outskirts, place them in the graveyard instead. Whenever a new gate opens, place a random undead monster in the graveyard. Whenever there is a gate surge, after drawing the normal amount of monsters, draw and place two extra undead monsters in the graveyard. Ghosts are flying instead of stationary.

Scenario 3: The scenario rules provide witches 3 extra toughness instead of 1. Jacqueline may not take visions as a starting item. Before you make a combat check against a Cultist, you must discard two items or automatically fail. For Night Nuzzling, each time you roll a 1-2 place a random Cultist from the cup at the Witch House. Treat Cultists as spawn that can be in the cup and return to the cup if defeated. If they are placed in the Outskirts, place them in the Witch House instead.  Witches can not be taken as trophies (return them to the monster cup instead in cases where they would be) and Flute of the Outer Gods and Blue Watcher of the Pyramid have no effect on them.

Scenario 4: Wendy Adams’ Elder Sign can not prevent her from being cursed by Death. From the beginning of the third mythos phase (counting the one at the start of the game), whenever a new gate opens, an extra monster, a randomly drawn Cultist, is placed on the gate. If a Cultist is ever placed in the Outskirts, place it in the Woods instead.

Scenario 5: Zoey treats monsters as if they have two less toughness during combat instead of three. She does not begin the game with Visions. The Darkness begins with 4 doom tokens instead of 2. Jacqueline fine is a required investigator. She begins the game with three green corruptions.

Scenario 6: The Dark Druid gains an extra 3 toughness. Serpent People and red bordered monsters also move like stalkers if there are investigators adjacent to them during any of their movements. Gates at the Woods can not be sealed.

Scenario 7: No Cultists may be taken as trophies (if they are defeated, return them to the cup). Treat them as spawn monsters. From the beginning of the third mythos phase, whenever a new gate opens, first draw an extra random cultist to put on it (this extra Cultist at the new gate is a stationary monster).

Scenario 8: When the doom track reaches 5, each investigator in Arkham rolls a die and on a failure, a random rat-thing is drawn and placed on them; investigators in Other Worlds roll a die and on a failure lose all their items.

Scenario 9: Whenever the doom track reaches an even number (i.e. 2, 4, 6… etc.) roll a die. On a 1-3 place two randomly drawn Cultists and a randomly drawn Lloigor or Cthonian (whichever is drawn first) onto The Black Cave, on a 4-5 there is a monster surge that takes place at the most recently opened gate, on a 6, all investigators immediately have their stamina reduced to zero, and must draw an extra injury in addition to the normal penalties for going unconscious. Monsters move during the first mythos phase.

Scenario 10: The Dark Druid is placed at the Woods at the start of the game instead of at doom track 6. When the doom track reaches six, place a random Dark Young or Dark Young copy on every gate and fill the Dunwich Horror track. When Dark Young (and their copies) move by having their movement symbol drawn, they move as stalkers (first move them on the black arrow, then move them according to their movement symbol). The Dark Druid does not activate Dunwich Horror’s special movement. Elder Signs do not remove doom tokens from the doom track.

Scenario 11: The three starting Cultists must not be placed on an expansion board or the same location (if their mythos card shows a location on an expansion card or the same location, draw a different one). Cultists count as spawn monsters, can not be removed from the board except by combat or vortexes, and can not be moved by investigators (e.g. Migo Brain Case). Mark the initial three with a token, other Cultists will only raise the terror level when defeated on a roll of 1-2. When the terror level rises to an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, 9), the extra mythos cards drawn to place location corruptions are also played in full. Outside of drawing starting equipment, whenever an investigator draws a tome, roll a die, on a 1-3 and also raise the terror level by one. Use the Revised Curse of the Dark Pharoah version of Wanted (it can never be removed from the game).

Scenario 12: Whenever an investigator attempts to close a gate, a random monster appears that must be fought or evaded first (it does not remain on the board if evaded or if it defeats the investigator). If you are on a turn where you can potentially seal or close your final gate, investigators with explored markers may take their Arkham Encounters phase in any order (even before or after other investigators).  When an investigator attempts to close or seal the last gate, four random monsters appear. Draw and fight or evade them one at a time (do not draw all of them simultaneously and choose the order).  If knocked unconscious, devoured, or driven insane, the final gate does not close or seal.

Scenario 13: Mandy may only use her special ability by first paying two clues. Darrell may only use his by first paying one clue. Investigators who are devoured in this scenario may not be selected or drawn during the next scenario. After an investigator passes a combat check against a mask or the Black Man’s luck check, roll a die, on a 1, that investigator is devoured.

Scenario 14: Mandy and Darrell may not be selected as start of game investigators. Lily begins the game cursed. Whenever an investigator is cursed, immediately draw two random Cultists and place them in the Sky. Investigators can not retire. Treat all Cultist monsters as exact copies of the Haunter of the Dark, except exhibit items can not be drawn for defeating them, and if they are defeated in combat, return them to the monster cup. Cultists are endless spawn. If there are multiple Haunters of the Dark on an investigator and they make the investigator insane or unconscious, do not move the investigator to the Asylum or Hospital. If the investigator went insane, the investigator draws insanity cards equal to the number of Haunters of the Dark on its location, if it is unconscious, draw injury cards equal to the number of Haunters of the Dark on its location. Then the investigator’s sanity and stamina are raised or reduced to three each and it is the next investigator’s movement phase. Whenever an investigator defeats a Haunter in the Dark, each other investigator must evade or fight a copy of Haunter in the Dark (unlike copies on the board this is not affected by the environment or rumors, and it does not remain on the board).

Scenario 15: Investigators with doom tokens must draw four madnesses and two injuries to attempt to remove their doom tokens. The God of the Bloody Tongue is always on the Witch House and can never be removed from there. It does not count against the monster limit. It never moves. If an investigator defeats it in combat, it stays where it is and the investigator’s movement phase ends.

Scenario 16: Mandy’s reroll ability functions as it normally would (and does not reduce her sanity). Add the Demi-Gods variant. When the Doom track reaches 4 and 7, place a random monster on every gate. When the doom track is at 6, add a random Cultist to every open gate and reduce all investigators maximum sanity by one. Ignore the monster limit for these three placements. Having the Wailing Writher in play has a different effect from its normal Demi-God effect, instead of placing an additional Wailing Writer copy on gates, investigators who wish to roll to close gates must first reduce their maximum sanity and stamina by one and lose one stamina and sanity (these losses take place even if the roll is failed). Do not place masks when the doom track reaches 6 & 11 as the variant normally jrequires. Nyarlathotep’s doom track is 13.

Scenario 17: At the beginning of each mythos phase roll a die, on a 1-4, place a random cultist at Silver Twilight Lodge. If there are no cultists to place, raise the terror level by one instead. If Agnes Baker is devoured, roll a die, on a 1-2, you immediately lose. Cultists have an unmodifiable -1 combat rating against Agnes.

Scenario 18: The doom track begins at two. Monsters in Dunwich do not move until the doom track reaches five. The Dunwich Horror has +2 toughness (not +1). Investigators passing through streets adjacent to The Dunwich Horror who get a 5-6 on their roll, must stop their movement adjacent to The Dunwich Horror instead of being able to leave the street as they intended. The investigator attempting to close or seal the final gate must first fight (and defeat) an unmodified version of The Dunwich Horror (it does not get the +2 toughness, and does not get modified by tokens on the Dunwich Horror track, do not move the actual token from its location on the board, this copy only exists during combat with it and disappears if it is evaded or defeated). If this combat leaves the investigator with not enough resources to close or seal the gate, the next time the closing or sealing is attempted, combat must be done again. An investigator who evades the Dunwich Horror that guards the final gate draws two madness cards.

Scenario 19: All investigators begin the game with only 2 sanity. Before initiating combat with Servitor of the Outer Gods while it is in the Sky, an investigator must fight and defeat 4 randomly drawn flying monsters. The investigator is not allowed to evade any of these monsters. Whenever a new gate opens, place an extra Cultist on it. An investigator wanting to close or seal the final gate must first successfully defeat or evade 4 randomly drawn yellow monsters that are unmodified (i.e. they do not have nightmarish 3). They do not remain on the board.

Scenario 20: Investigators have their maximum sanity and stamina reduced by one. Yellow bordered monsters do not count against the monster limit, if one goes to the Outskirts, instead place it on the gate with the fewest monsters (first player’s choice if a tie). Whenever an investigator moves, or is moved, onto a gate, draw a random yellow bordered monster and place it there (i.e. this happens before going into gates, and after coming out of gates). Before attempting to close a gate, an investigator must engage in four rounds of combat (without Epic Battle cards) with Hastur and not be driven insane (or less, if Hastur’s doom track can be reduced to zero, that also ends combat with him). These battles require one success to remove each doom token. Gates can not be closed or sealed if they have yellow bordered monsters on them. Sealing gates requires six clue tokens instead of five.

Scenario 21: Amanda is a required investigator. Aquatic monsters ignore her and she can not enter combat with Aquatic monsters. At the beginning of each turn, place a randomly drawn aquatic monster on her. Silas gets a -1 statistics bonus against aquatic monsters instead of a +2 bonus even if he is not in an aquatic location. If Silas, Tommy, or Amanda are devoured, or the doom track reaches seven, add Dagon and Hydra as additional heralds. Other investigators who move out of spaces containing these three investigators, or who begin their turn in the same location as them, must pass a will -2 check or lose 2 sanity. These three investigators can not choose to move into a space with another investigator (except each other).

Scenario 22: Investigators who fail a round of combat must discard two trophies instead of one. When the doom track reaches six, place one random aquatic monster on every aquatic location. First place on locations containing investigators, then place on locations that would normally be aquatic, finally, the first player can choose which remaining aquatic locations gain monsters (if there would not be enough aquatic monsters to fill all aquatic spots on the board). If there are four or more aquatic monsters on an investigator, other aquatic monsters will instead move to the investigator with the next lowest (or tied) sneak score if one is (if not, they will move onto the investigator regardless of how many aquatic monsters are on that investigator’s location).

Scenario 23: Once the doom track reaches 2 the first player rolls a die during each mythos phase and draws a madness on a failure. Once the doom track reaches four, whenever an investigator in Arkham defeats Hastur, a random yellow bordered monster from the cup is placed on that investigator’s location (if there are no yellow bordered monsters in the cup, place a random cultist). Once the doom track reaches 6, place three cultists in the sky. An investigator who closes or seals a gate must reduce maximum sanity by one and draw a madness card. An investigator who attempts to close or seal the final gate must defeat a randomly drawn yellow bordered monster if any remain in the cup, then a randomly drawn cultist, then defeat Hastur in combat (as if drawn by a dual color card; however, he does not use any sinister plot cards at the beginning of this combat).

Scenario 24: Sister Mary’s being devoured does not end the game. The game begins with a doom token on the doom track. The Thing in the Rifts is an additional herald. Treat it as you would an extra Janus herald. No game effects can remove doom tokens from the doom track (if a card has additional effects beyond doom token removal, they still take place). When the doom track reaches six, immediately raise the doom track by one; however, when the Gate at Strange High House opens, do *not* add additional doom tokens.

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Bonus Content

Congratulations for completing, or reading through all this.  Here's some bonus content you may enjoy (a hard mode of the league, yes, I know, may be forthcoming eventually, 22 of the scenarios were redesigned).

A Nyarlathotep Variant:

The Demi-Gods

Drawing a mask will trigger various game effects, keep at least one copy of this sheet for reference during the game. You may want to mark on the sheet which masks are currently active for easier reference of their abilities and effects.

Masks can not be gained as trophies, if a game effect would have them be gained as trophies, return them to the cup instead. They can be returned to the cup as normal by the closing of gates.

Whenever an investigator is knocked unconscious, search the cup and place the first mask drawn on the location the investigator was (the Black Cave if in Another World), masks don’t count against the monster limit, and if they are placed in the outskirts they go to the Black Cave instead).
For the masks, “in play” means being permanently in play (not just temporarily appearing as the result of an encounter and not in the outskirts).

My True Glory: When Nyarlathotep awakens, he has weapon immunity instead of magical resistance, and rather than losing a clue, the penalty for failing a lore check against him is being devoured. With new Curse of the Dark Pharaoh, for investigators without an exhibit item, his combat rating is raised to -8. With old Curse of the Dark Pharaoh, unless investigators have two exhibit items between them, his combat rating is raised to -8.

Investigators not on gates carrying an exhibit item must roll a die during their Arkham Encounter or Other World Encounter phase and a random monster appears on him or her on a roll of 1-3. All monsters adjacent to investigators with exhibit items move as stalkers, and flying monsters consider unstable locations they are in as stable as well.

Suggested rule: If Curse of the Dark Pharoah is being used and the investigators do not collectively have two Exhibit Items when the doom track reaches nine, add two doom tokens to the doom track.

The 6th doom token causes you to search for a random mask and place it at the Miskatonic University streets).
11th Doom token (on a 13 doom Nyarlathotep) summons The Dark pharoah at Miskatonic University Streets (for that good old fashioned feeling of apocalyptic terror).

With Dual Gates, only the top symbol can remove masks from the board (unless there are three or more masks on the board, and God of the Bloody Tongue is not in play).

The Dark Pharoah- He has two extra toughness and weapon immunity. While he is in play, the monster limit is ignored (this will not cause the Ancient One to potentially awaken unless the terror track is at 10). When he enters play, all investigators’ monster trophies are reanimated and placed on their locations. If he leaves play, the monster limit is restored (remove excess non-mask monsters of your choice from the board to get as close as possible to the normal monster limit).

The Black Man- Whenever he moves, the first player must draw two madness cards or add a doom token to the doom track. Investigators who draw these madness cards can not be retired. He must move when he comes into play, even if his movement symbol is not shown. He moves like a Fast Stalker. When he leaves play, replace him with a random mask (an investigator in the new mask’s location, must immediately evade or enter combat with it).

The Bloated Woman- When she enters play each investigator loses two stamina and two sanity. While she is in play will checks have an additional -1 penalty (this includes horror checks) and all sanity damage is increased by 1. An investigator who defeats her in combat is Cursed.

Haunter of the Dark- It has +1 toughness and physical and magical immunity. While in play, flying monsters treat unstable locations as adjacent to the sky, are not counted against the monster limit, and if they are in or are placed in the outskirts, they go directly to the Sky instead. When it leaves play, all flying monsters in play are returned to the monster cup.

God of the Bloody Tongue- It has weapon immunity. While it is in play monsters can not be returned to the cup by closing gates with their dimensional symbol and red, black, and purple bordered monsters move toward the nearest investigator (following yellow lines like an investigator could) with the lowest Sneak (first player’s choice when nearness and sneak are tied).

Wailing Writher- It has +2 toughness. While it is in play, investigators must fight or evade an unmodified copy of Wailing Writher before attempting to seal a gate by means of clue or power tokens. If you declare you are intending to attempt to seal a gate, fight or evade a Wailing Writher copy before rolling against the gate modifier. Unmodified copies of Wailing Writher can not be modified by any game effects and defeating or evading them has no effect beyond ending or avoiding combat.

Shugeron- He has +2 toughness. While he is in play, all streets are treated as aquatic locations and black bordered and yellow bordered monsters move as orange bordered monsters instead.

Skinless One- He has +1 toughness. While he is in play, whenever an investigator is devoured, raise the terror level by one. Also, all monsters move twice, and yellow bordered monsters are treated as black bordered monsters.

The Beast- It has +1 toughness. While it is in play, all other monsters gain +2 toughness, except as monster trophies.

The Shadowy Figure- When he comes into play, remove one Elder Sign token from the board, and investigators in Arkham lose all their clues.

Friday, March 23, 2012


The Blessed One 

“Mary,” said the Arbiter, “At last we meet. I have written so much about you, you could say I am your greatest fan. I merely wanted to leave you with a few parting words as a token of my appreciation for your work.

“Are you flushed with the greater victory of driving back Azathoth, though pained by the lesser defeats? You still pant with exertion and pain. You bite your lip and shudder in horror at the cost and the memories that will never leave you, but do you believe you have saved this world and in so doing have saved other worlds, other universes? That is incorrect.

Your sight, even enhanced by the being that infests you, is as blindness to the Gods. Beyond it was an infinity of pain and destruction. And this existence is the last survivor. The rest is death in the bowels of Azathoth. And you may think this story is over since you have won your trivial victory today in this last remaining speck of existence, but this is not the end. No story ever ends until the end.

“Know now that your long lasting luck was no coincidence, but that it truly was an act of God. Know now the truth, Pantheon, carrier of the Gods’ seed. In you they dwell. The Eldest of Gods shall soon break His banishment from this realm. Even now He gestates within you, making the God inside you one with It. Soon It shall devour this last sliver of light from the cosmos.

I bear you these good tidings, for I am the true Holy Spirit, the true voice of God. Blessed art thou among women. Blessed art thou, flesh in which the Gods have bred and fed. Thus have I written. Thus shall it be. Rejoice as you hear the mad piping of the idiot babe from your bloating womb before it bursts.”

She screamed and screamed at the sight of reality at last lay bare, and though she screamed that it would not be, her heart knew that she could not die while the seed of destruction swam in her, it would not let her.


Mary was alone. Her friends were all gone. They set the seals, but the darkness in the sky merely laughed, or roared, or was it something else, something thoughtless like an infant’s indifferent crushing of ants? It reached down with its infinite fingers, and smeared them out of existence in a single instant. And all around was screaming, screaming, even in the quiet, but she had survived… And… The Key did not take her to a new world. Just the ruined town of Arkham here. Her friends all gone. And she was left behind.

She was dirty… Dirty inside… Dirty all over. But dirtiest inside… It had taken her… To the place of no light...  Again and again and again and again and… She had… She had had to do it! The thing inside her could not live.

But… When the abortionist reached for it… It reached back... It pulled him in, bleeding and screaming.   She tried… She tried more drastic means, but she did not drown, or choke, although her neck was broken, or bleed to death. The thing inside her stirred.  But she would destroy it. Even if it were the one true God, she would destroy it.

Nine Months Later

The alley was dark. But he’d heard a woman’s moaning in it, and despite his fear went to help. What he saw there shattered his mind.

An obscenely pregnant nun blindly fumbled her bloody skinless nailless hands across the wall in an endless scrawl. “Kill me. Kill me. Kill me...” desperately smeared as far as his eye could see. Her face was gone, blown out by a shotgun blast, and blood incessantly flowed from the wound in her head. Brain matter and fragmented teeth stuck inside the gaping hole. She moaned and daubed her hands inside her skull, wetting them with her blood to paint the message she could no longer see over and over.

Inside her distended belly, he heard strange noises, and from beneath her robes dark slithering ropes dripped out, slick with slime and swelling every second. They seemed to twist around in impossible shapes, as if they somehow sought to consume themselves. But they desired to feed on other things first.

The madman fled. He knew there was no escape, he knew he could not outrun his doom. But he fled. Behind him he heard screaming. But it was not his own. No. Not his own.

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Scenario Twenty Four

Entropy's End

“Mr. Withers—”

“Please Rex, we’ve fought past death and beyond, I think you can call me by my Christian name at this point.”

“Alright, Norman, how do you feel about being here since the beginning? Do you think that this really might be the end?”

“Of us…”

“What? You’ll need to speak up, I didn’t quite hear that.”

“Yes! Of us!”

“Now that’s too loud. Quiet down a little. Oh, and what do you think of this headline? ‘Nameless Evil Slumbers at the Center of the World!’”

“It is hardly accurate.”

“Yeah, but it’ll boost circulation, and besides, given our chances, I’m not so sure if anyone will be around to demand a correction after it prints.”


“Well, Ursula?”

“Well, Harvey?”

“Well, I still think you’re only a woman, but it’s been an honor fighting with you.”

“Well, I’m still convinced you’re a dinosaur or some sort of sentient prehistoric petrification, but the privilege has been mine as well.”

“And what do you think? Do you think we’ll win?”

“Of course not.”


Bob listened to the coins. He had lost them, but he still heard their voices in his head. They told him that he was going to die. That he should kill his friends then himself. He liked them better when he had them.


Rita and Michael ran the bloody streets through the waves of monsters. The King in Yellow had done its work. The town was in ruins.  The citizenry did not yet understand. Soon they would flee, but it would be too late. And there was no escape, there never was.
The crowd of monsters thickened, “I’ll hold ‘em back, you just get where you need to get, now go. Let’s see if these theatre guys are too sophisticated for my best friend Tommy here.  Hopefully they won’t need an encore, but I think I’ve got enough bullets on me for now.”

“We’ll meet again Michael, and I’m sorry about your jaw.”

“Yeah, and I’m sorry about your lip.”

“Actually, maybe I’m not sorry about your jaw.”

Michael grinned, “Get out of here you nut. We’ll be fine, we’re going to save the world.”


“You! I remember you!”

“Yes Gloria, at last I have allowed you to. I thought this way it would be more fun. Did you like our story? It is not over yet, but by now you should have some appreciation for—”

Gloria shot the Arbiter through the head.

“Now, Ms. Goldberg, surely you must admit that that was slightly amusing? And you, ‘you,’ really thought that might work. Not even a smile? And here I thought you were one with vision. Is my sense of humor so alien to you? Farewell, dear Gloria, I dedicate the final story to you, a minor character, a final farce before we leave the stage of life.”


Thus speaks the Phantom of Truth, “Hark you worms and dust! Carcosa, the gate to the omnipresent galaxy is opened. Thus, R’lyeh rises in all the worlds, and all the worlds are consumed by this revelation. The Elder Gods are the only reality, lesser realities of the one true reality. And all one can achieve in life is to reflect a fraction of their glory. Be remade in their image! Become one with the Yellow King, the master beneath the King of Kings! He or she, a king shall see the cosmos through true eyes. Only the shadow kings shall be privileged by the Gods’ delight in the pleasure of the taste of their flesh. All other flesh is bitter to them. Hark, O humans, and evolve! The living play comes to its maturity! The final act is at its final act! The play changes, but the truth stays the same. Mortals perish, but the God of Entropy lives on! The heart of existence is The Abyss, abode of almighty Azathoth!

“I wear no mask, but you do, now is the time to remove them! Shed your thoughtless innocence! Reveal yourselves and the truth of flesh!”

The playgoers, shrieking in frenzy at the final climax, grasped deep into their eyes, scooping them out of their sockets. Madly writhing tentacles emerged from their hollowed eyes and mouths, their fingers multiplied a hundredfold and lengthened, and thousands of mouth covered entrail-like-appendages exploded from their stomachs.

“The story continues to the end, the lake is still rising! Now you are the last kings. And your dominion soon comes to an end, but go forth! Be fruitful and multiply! Spread news of the last coming of God! Proselytize pain! Let the last living things know despair before the King of Kings, the true God comes!”
The playhouse was empty. The investigators had held off Hastur but were too late to stop the play of blasphemous truth, and in the final Union, The Phantom became one with the consumer of all.

“Galaxies of fire shiver dead at mere rumors of Its passing, the Prime Darkness everlasting. The sole rock from which founts the all-submerging sea, the deathless waves that rot forth entropy. The Great Serpent slithers unseen through the frost of space and all the stars in all the heavens pray they shall not see its face. Yet Suns are swallowed and light undone, new darkness is born, the Abyss once more won. Scraping Its undying bones through time from The Beginning, It has hissed Its hatred since, not consenting, disapproving, Slowly It devours the life that’s outward moving. In The End, the Cosmos wrapped within its coils, will again be drowned in an infinite sea of strangling oil.”

Thus begins my master’s final tale. At last, existence shall fall.


The world rotted and spawned into hideous impossibilities. Buildings, plants, and people twisting into things that could not sustain life, but somehow did, even as they did not, the last worlds randomly overlapping to make unfathomable shapes and creatures. Life and death and all things opposite were merging into one. And all things were filled with screaming, the true enemy revealed at last.

The Earth’s crust shook and cracked as the darkness slithered across the heavens, wrapping the contorting world of chaos in its ball of integrating and disintegrating torment. Eyes of instinctively malevolent flame burned within Azathoth, countless Hells dwelled within It. It had not emerged from the sky, but from within the Church itself, though it had only begun to emerge.

The building had become a nightmarish parody of what it once was. Mary clasped her hands together and prayed for mercy from God, no longer truly believing. Fragments of the King in Yellow which she had had the misfortune to overhear through plugged ears still flitting through her mind, and made her flesh feel as if it were crawling off her bones, but still, she felt slightly soothed by the comforting habit, and the oozing sensation in her skin stopped. Even if her God did not exist, she would be true to His ideals until the end.

But her courage failed her as she saw the gaze of Azathoth upon her flesh. “Oh God, what is that monstrosity in the Abyss, that horrifying thing moving in the shadows of heaven, watching me? Please God,” she sobbed like a child screaming in terror in the night, “please, save me though I doubt! Spare me from it!” A fragment of the dark and burning heavens descended for her, and inside her, she felt the Key stirring with anxiety? Anticipation? Hunger?

Custom components can be found here: [Sorry, I don't know why these links are combining, it must be the influence of Janus]

Add the Kingsport board for the remaining scenarios: however, it is not recommended that you add Kingsport encounters in Arkham or Kingsport mythos cards.
Expanded Investigator Pool: Rex Murphy, Rita Young, Bob Jenkins (also, Amanda can no longer be used).
Ancient Ones: Azathoth and Cthulhu
Heralds: Janus, The Crevice of Chaos, The Arbiter of Reality, The King in Yellow, The Maskless
Required Investigators: Sister Mary, Gloria Goldberg

Special Rules:

Start of game: All investigators immediately fail their personal stories and come into play with a madness (this also happens if they come into play later). Mary and Gloria begin with a green corruption. An Abyss gate is open at South Church and Y'ha Nethlei. Gates at these locations do not count against the gate limit, but the gate limit is reduced by one while either gate to the Abyss is open (The White Ship and Find Gate can not be used in The Abyss). Servitor of the Outer Gods is in the sky, it has physical and magical resistance.

Investigators who fail a horror check against an aquatic monster are devoured. Cultists are aquatic monsters.

Gates at South Church can not be sealed, and can only be closed by spending an additional seven clues.

Investigators choosing to end their movement in stable locations lose one sanity.

Seven clues are required to seal gates. The game can only be won by sealing seven gates.

After the first mythos phase, at the beginning of each mythos phase roll a die, on a 1-2, 3 investigators must draw an injury, on a 5-6, 3 investigators must draw a madness.

Servitor of the Outer Gods does not count against the monster limit, and can not be removed from the board except by combat. Its awareness is -2.

If Sister Mary is devoured, this triggers devouring effects, but do not draw a new investigator, instead, treat her as if she had been knocked unconscious, but immediately place her on South Church and her maximum sanity and stamina are reduced to 1, effects that reduce them beyond 1 are now ignored.

The Arbiter of Reality causes investigators, except Harvey Walters, to draw their injury and madness for Bone Shattering Agony and Mind Shattering Horror on a roll of 1-3 instead of a 1.

Janus always uses the doom track of Azathoth, and Azathoth for final combat.

Fetch Me My Faces is triggered on a roll of 1-3. If at any time the Dark Pharoah or Haunter of the Dark is drawn, treat them as if Nyarlathotep is the Ancient One.

When the Doom Track reaches 2, fill up the Dunwich Horror track.  Whenever a monster enters a vortex from now on, roll a die for the Dunwich Horror's movement.

When the Doom Track reaches 3, all investigators draw an injury (not not restore their stamina).

When the Doom Track reaches 4, Father Dagon also enters play as a herald, trigger his start of game effects and remove all clue tokens from the board; however, if both gates to the Abyss are removed from the board, remove him from play.

When the Doom Track reaches 6, Servitor of the Outer Gods gains two toughness, Mary gains the white Vessel of the Mythos and her maximum sanity is reduced by 4. It can never be removed, and she is permanently Blessed (no effect can remove it). Whenever Vessel of the Mythos is Activated, take Servitor of the Outer Gods from wherever it is (if it is on an investigator, the investigator must first immediately evade or fight it), and place it in The Sky, then place Mary, if she is in Arkham, into the first area of The Abyss, if she is in an Other World, place her into the same area of The Abyss. While Sister Mary is in The Abyss, she is treated as if she has a Gate Box.

When the doom track reaches 7, at the beginning of each Mythos phase roll a die, on a 1, the first player is devoured.

When the doom track reaches 8, immediately raise the terror level to ten.

When the terror level reaches ten, the monster limit is removed, but Azathoth does not awaken from monsters being on the board. Draw and place 1 random monster on every street, and 1 random monster on each of the 11 unstable locations in Arkham (regardless of whether they are unstable at the time or not). From then on, roll a die at the end of each mythos phase, on a 1-3, open a gate on South Church (this does not add a doom token to the doom track if the gate there has been closed and now reopens).

Clarification: For The Crevice of Chaos, if both gates to The Abyss are on the board, only roll one die per mythos phase.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scenario Twenty Three

The Last Act Begins

Ursula remembered Tommy’s brave but terrible death… And the loss of Amanda and Silas. Their faces and their semblance of humanity had washed away, shriveled peeling flesh, mere masks that they had worn so long they forgot they had worn them. But now they dwelt in the castle in the sea. But for how long? She wondered if she’d even be able to recognize them if she ever saw them again...  But Barnaby on the other hand, good riddance to him!


“Get off me Michael!” shouted Rita.

“Hey, what’s the matter?”

“I don’t want anything to do with your kind of people.”

“You're one to talk! Besides, I think we’d work good together.”

“Me work with a mobster? What kind of idiot do you think I am?”

“Well, you do have a big lip for a girl.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know what it means.”

Rita hit him in the face.

“Wow… Nice sock. We definitely need you!”

“I already told you no. Now back off, slime!”

“No, not for my gang, to fight the monsters.”

“Wait, what? You know about them too?”

“Yeah, whadja think I was trying to tell you this whole time when you knocked my jaw off?”

“I’m sorry, I’m just a little tense. And I thought you were going to… It’s like the whole air has been buzzing ever since that play started. I know that whatever’s going on is coming from there.”


Those coins… They were so yellow… Bob had never seen anything like them. They still glowed in his memory. The mouths on them. They talked to him. They told him things… Strange things. And they told him there was something he had to see. He wasn’t really sure if he should trust talking coins though. Even if they were real gold.


Rex Murphy growled at his editor, “I can’t believe you’re making me write about this corn with all the other amazing stuff that’s happening all over these days.”

“I pay the bills, that means I give the assignments. And I’m telling you, you need to do a theatre review this week! Anyway, just listen to this snippet, it’s completely crazy!”


“The Clown turned his powdered face to the mirror. ‘If to be fair is to be beautiful," he said, ‘who can compare with me in my white mask?’

‘Who can compare with him in his white mask?’ I asked of Death beside me.

‘Who can compare with me?’ said Death, ‘for I am paler still.’

‘You are very beautiful,’ sighed the Clown, turning his powdered face from the mirror.”


Alone, Mary spasmed on the floor. As she thrashed around it seemed like everything was bending into countless things. Even her memories seemed to permute in endless variations. Had they negotiated with the creature, had it returned to its home in disgust or indifference, or had they fought it back? And now the yellow things come again, the monster resurrected... The Dragon, the Dragon flies, and the heavens do not expel it! Monstrosities and madness in the skies! And she died. O, she died, yet she lived, again and again! Which world was she on? Worlds? Was she really alive? Was she dead? Dying? Oh, the pain! The endless pain of infinite worlds in her head! 

The Arbiter smiled. She was nearly ripe. The last act had begun. And soon, as all things mortal perish, even the so-called immortals, death dies.

Custom components can be found here:

Add the Kingsport board for the remaining scenarios: however, it is not recommended that you add Kingsport encounters in Arkham or Kingsport mythos cards.
Expanded Investigator Pool
: Rex Murphy, Rita Young, Bob Jenkins (also, Amanda can no longer be used).
Ancient One: Hastur
Heralds: The Phantom of Truth and The King in Yellow
Required Investigators: Sister Mary

Special Rules:

Start of game: The first monster to emerge from a gate must be a random cultist, rather than any random monster.

Cultists are not affected by the monster limit, if they go to the outskirts, put them in the sky instead.  They are endless, nightmarish 2, immune to handcuffs, can only be removed from the board by combat, have 5 toughness, a horror modifier of -5, a combat modifier of -5, and do 5 sanity and 5 stamina damage.  If there are no investigators in the streets, one cultist in the sky will move to the street nearest the investigator with the lowest sneak (first player's choice if there is a tie) and remains stationary as long as an investigator is in an adjacent location (not street).  If there is already a cultist trapping the investigator with the lowest sneak, and one or more cultists are in the sky, another cultist flies down to a different investigator with the next lowest sneak in the same way as the cultist described earlier.

At the beginning of each mythos phase (include the start of game) roll two dice (separately), on the first, a 1-2 makes  investigators in Arkham lose 1 sanity, on the second die, a 1-2 makes each investigator must lose an additional two sanity or reduce their maximum sanity and stamina by one.

Once the doom track reaches 2, at the end of each mythos phase, the first player must battle Hastur as if drawn in a dual color card; however, while epic battle cards are not used, Hastur's first attack is always a random Sinister Plot, and if the Last Straw is drawn, investigators to whom it may apply must roll a die, and on a failure, it applies to them as well.  If defeated by Hastur in this combat, the investigator draws a madness (that does not restore sanity) in addition to whatever consequences would normally take place for going unconscious or insane.  You gain no benefit from defeating him other than ending combat with him for that phase.

Investigators with madnesses can not be retired.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scenario Twenty Two


“It’s impossible!” shouted Professor Walters. “The Science Building is floating over the town! We need to stop what ever is causing it!”

“Don’t worry old man,” chuckled Norman, “Let’s just say I researched our circumstances a little more than you did on my travels, and I brought back a few alien toys.”

“Well why is it floating now!”

“Because it knows the flood is coming.”

“It just flooded!”

“No… That was just drizzle.”


“Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn!”

“Damn it,” said Jenny, “There’s a whole mob of them”

“I thought we killed them all,” said Ursula.

“Well, clearly not. And they’re in the middle of some sort of ritual. Oh!”

The ground beneath the Cultists rocketed into the air, and a great sea monster’s mouth arose from the pit and snapped them all down as they fell.

“At least they’re gone now. Wait, what’s that noise?”

“It sounds like water.” Jenny’s mouth dropped open in shock as it began exploding out of the earth as if it came from a fire hydrant the size of a skyscraper. The continually erupting geyser smashed down along with huge carapaced creatures that began scuttling through the streets in search of food. And something else emerged from the pit. If she could only get a little closer to describe it…

“Run, run!”


So much of the town was underwater now… Silas was comfortable with this

though. Water suited him well. As did the city beneath the waves. No. No. And how did that castle emerge from beneath the sea? Why did the names R’lyeh and Sarnath keep whispering in his ears? How were they related? And what were those strange unsatisfied hungers he began to feel in the sides of his throat? The voices kept telling him to return home, insisting that he must become king.


“Amanda,” murmured Mary from within her soaked habit, “I am cold.”

“So am I, sister.”

“No, I mean in my soul…”

“So am I, sister.”

Custom components can be found here:

Add the Kingsport board for the remaining scenarios: however, it is not recommended that you add Kingsport encounters in Arkham or Kingsport mythos cards.
Expanded Investigator Pool: Tommy Muldoon, George Barnaby, Silas Marsh
Ancient One: Bokrug
Herald: Basatan
Required Investigators: Amanda Sharpe, Silas Marsh

Special Rules:

Start of game: All streets and unstable locations, 
except for The Science Building, are aquatic (even if they are sealed later).  All investigators have their maximum sanity and stamina reduced by one.  Place Shugeron on Unvisited Isle.  A random Cultist is always the a monster to emerge from the first gate.

Cultists are aquatic, endless, gain weapon immunity, and have a combat modifier of -6

Aquatic monsters are treated as spawn monsters (and if defeated in combat, return them to the cup).  If one is placed in the Outskirts, place it on Unvisited Isle instead.

Whenever investigators fail a combat check against a monster (including failed evasion), they must discard a trophy; if they have no trophies, they are devoured, and a random Being of Ib returns to Bokrug if any have been removed.

Shugeron is a stalker that moves twice whenever it moves instead of being an aquatic monster.  It does not count against the monster limit and can not be moved from its location or the board by any means (if something other than its movement would move or remove it, ignore it).  If it is defeated in combat, the investigator doing so may immediately move one space away from it.

Tsunamis: when the doom track reaches four, investigators in aquatic locations and streets must pass luck -3 checks or lose 3 stamina (anyone knocked unconscious by this draws an extra injury (do not restore stamina from it) in addition to normal penalties.  Each time there is a monster surge after this, this happens again.

If Silas, Amanda, or Tommy are devoured, add three doom to the doom track.

If there is an investigator in the Science Building during the Mythos phase, at the end of the phase, all monsters in the sky move to the Science Building. If there were no monsters in the sky to move at the end of the phase, draw a random flying monster from the cup and move it there.  Flying monsters do not count against the monster limit and if they are placed in the outskirts, immediately move them to the sky instead.

The Sinister Plot The Departure causes instant defeat instead of victory.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scenario Twenty One

Conversions of the Sea 

Lola grinned with the thrill of victory. Blood dripped down her chin as she gorged on Mark’s eyeballs. “Don’t you see? It has a role for me! I’ve been cast in His play! I’m going be a star again! I just need to eat all the crazy people, and I’ll be His favorite!” She cackled insanely until Ursula shot her dead.

“Damn… What a waste…” said Michael. “But I always knew her nut was cracked. Even before the play. I’m glad she didn’t bump me off too. I thought we’d won… But It’s like we never get to really win. Sometimes I wish…”

“Don’t wish and don’t worry Michael,” said Ursula, “I know just the woman who will help us save the world.”

“You must, Ursula,” whispered Mary. “Events are out of control. This is all out of control. Something must be done… But I fear… I fear…”

“There’s nothing to worry about. I have this under control. We’ll win this war in the end. It is my belief that the alien life forms that we have battled fear us more than we fear them. Wait until you meet my librarian, you’ll see why, and she’ll teach you the true meaning of God’s wrath!”

They entered the library. “Daisy?” said Ursula, “We discussed this. We need you now, things are getting worse, and I have reason to believe that the end is near. But you have studied for so long, and I… Daisy?” Daisy had fallen asleep in her tome, her face was buried between the pages. “Daisy, wake up!” Ursula shook her shoulder then spun her around and saw that all the flesh of the front of her skull had been chewed off, but no blood was on the Necronomicon’s yellowing pages. Clipped to those pages was a note in Daisy’s meticulous handwriting. Ursula nervously rubbed the sides of her throat as she read.

When the Suns are dead and rotten,

And their dreams have been forgotten, 

The heralds of the true God drum, 

Destruction their instruments’ thrum, 

Azathoths’ daughters and sons. 

And the last Moon wears a darkened sneer 

Knowing that the end is near. 

The Unbirthing comes.


“So you want me to help?” George snarled. “I’m so glad you came to ask me at last. That’s right, don’t think I’m an idiot! I’ve paid to have you followed, and I already know a bit about what’s going on. And now that you’ve got no one left, you want my help, or my money? I don’t think you’re worth one cent! But sure, I’ll help. Just to show you that just because I’m old doesn’t mean I’m worthless. And don’t think I’m giving you this money for free, you’re going to pay back every cent in the end, with interest!”

“Don’t worry,” said Jenny, “I’ll pay back every penny, you fat headed idiot.”

“Maybe your father’s money will.”

“You really have become a bitter old bastard, you son of a—”


Tommy waded through the water flooding the street, pushing through the winds and sheets of water that blew into his face. First those crazies killing all those people in the asylum, and now a flood in the middle of summer. I wonder if those rumors I heard about the nun building an army are true? Oh, now what the hell is that? Another one of those yellow eyed fish freaks… Squid? Octopus? Whatever. It’s some kind of seafood that’s better off on a plate. Better give Becky some more target practice. I wonder if those Innsmouth stories I heard are true… What kind of moron has sex with a fish monster? I can’t believe I have some relatives up there…


First the sea was lifted into the sky, and now the sky was falling… At least he could put his ship to good use. Leo had told him to come to Arkham if time passed and he stopped sending him news… And Silas had, but… It all seemed wrong, and right. And the dreams were growing more vivid and more beautiful. But they were still things of horror. Sometimes he could hardly bear to wake from them, and sometimes he could hardly bear to fall asleep, but he was starting to forget which should be the case… And the dreams were so strong here… So beautiful, but so wrong… He needed to go home… But was his home here, or the castle rising beneath the sea? 

Custom components can be found here:

Add the Kingsport board for the remaining scenarios: however, it is not recommended that you add Kingsport encounters in Arkham or Kingsport mythos cards.

Expanded Investigator Pool: Tommy Muldoon, George Barnaby, Silas Marsh
Ancient One:
Herald: The Galaxy of R'lyeh
Required Investigators: Tommy Muldoon, George Barnaby, Silas Marsh

Special Rules:

Start of game:
A Deep One is placed on every Street in Kingsport.  The first R’lyeh Stack must be Hound of Tindalos, Colour Out of Space, Cthonian, Lloigor. Instead of normal Stack movement, this Stack moves on a black arrow every turn and after it moves, all monsters in the stack have their special movements activated (the Hound’s activates last), and they move together with the Hound. If the entire Stack is not defeated in a Movement Phase, return defeated monsters back to where they were. When this first Stack initially leaves R’lyeh, immediately form a random Stack on R’lyeh.

Stacks on R’lyeh ignore Silas Marsh. After the first turn, while in Arkham, Silas must spend his first two movement moving towards the nearest R’lyeh gate, these two movement automatically evade monsters.

Each Upkeep, the first player’s maximum sanity is reduced by 1.

Investigators who defeat an aquatic monster immediately draw two Innsmouth Look cards.  Aquatic monsters are treated like Spawn monsters (except they can be in the cup and return there if defeated), if one goes to the Outskirts, place it on Unvisited Isle instead.

When the doom track reaches 8, randomly draw one of Cthulhu’s Sinister Plot cards. If it is Unnatural Growth, the first player must fight Cthulhu as if in an encounter on a dual colored other world card (if victorious, search the unique item deck for an Elder Sign instead of sealing a gate). If it is not, Cthulhu’s listed attack takes place (this can not be prevented).

Cthulhu’s combat modifier is –8.

Clarification: Stacks can not be moved by any effects other than their own movement.  Monsters in stacks are not removed by the closing of gates.  Handcuffs can not be used against Cultists.